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Share in the Spirit

When you enter the Museum you go back almost one hundred years to the very roots and foundations of the Scouting movement. It is our firm belief that you cannot fully appreciate the Scouting program today without some understanding of the direction from which we came. Here in the Museum you can gain a bit of that direction by seeing how and why so many dedicated people have given their lives to Scouting.

To walk through the halls of the Museum, is to follow the footsteps of Lord Baden Powell, James West, Ernest Thompson Seton, Norman Rockwell, William D. Boyce and other great Scouters who joined together almost one hundred years ago to start the greatest youth organization in the world. Here you will be visiting an exciting chapter in America's past - one of the most extensive scout history Museums in the country.

Throughout the year visitors can enjoy special presentations regarding many of the historical preservation projects taking place in the museum. The mueum presents on \e of the finest regional collections of memorabilia in the country. Obscure Boy Scout patches showcase a vintage collection of badges, especially Order of the Arrow and Summer Camp programs, many of which are changing daily as new items are acquired.

Scouting Pioneers and Heroes Wanted

In the Museum you will find memorabilia dealing with many of Scoutings pioneers and heroes. We have specialdisplays highlighting these individuals. We honor any Scouter who has made an outstanding contribution to the youth of his or her community. Nominations will be accepted by the Museum Curator for this display. If you know of a leader who you feel has given outstanding leadership to his or her community you may nominate them for this honor by submitting the information to the Curator. Persons making nominations should be willing to help supply items showing the accomplishments of the nominee. Items may be loaned to the Museum on a temporary or permanent basis.